How To: Survive TSA security screenings at airports with these security tips

Survive TSA security screenings at airports with these security tips

With the new screening protocols and their full body x-ray scanners, the TSA is taking constant criticism from unhappy travelers. Between the nude images the scanner produces and the awkward pat downs, air travel will never be the same. That's why it's important to make sure you're prepared for your flight and the TSA security checkpoints.

In this video, frequent flyer and FareCompare CEO, Rick Seaney, talks with the TSA and gives us his tips on how to get through security quickly at the airport. They're relatively simple tips, ones frequent travelers should be practicing all of the time, but you'd be surprised at how many people do not follow these rules.

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Wtf is this guy smoking? "Random checks at the gate are incredibly effective tool..." So I must ask, how many terrorists have did they catch? Now, how many women did they grope?


arent female passengers checked by female security guards?

yeah, but that doesn't matter. the only people who should be allowed to touch me in sensitive areas are my husband and my ob/gyn.

How are random checks incredibly effective? What is the goal? Frequent flyers should know better than what? To have expectations of their fourth amendment rights being adhered to by the federal government? Carrying harmless consumer products with them while traveling? This video doesn't say how to handle a full naked scan of your body and radiation exposure, or how to handle groping for resistance in your genital regions.

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