How To: Say "NO" to TSA full body scanners at airports for National Opt-Out Day

Say "NO" to TSA full body scanners at airports for National Opt-Out Day

Today is the day before Thanksgiving. It's also the BIGGEST travel day in North America. Everyone is taking flights home to their family and friends for a nice Thanksgiving dinner. But this holiday will be one to remember thanks to the TSA.

The TSA has furnished over 400 full body scanners in over 70 airports nationwide, which could speed up security checkpoints and make air travel safer. When going through the security lines, travelers will have to enter the x-ray scanner, which allow airport security to detect any metallic or non-metallic objects on a person that could pose a threat to aviation security.

But overall, the TSA is taking constant criticism from air travelers about privacy and health concerns. No one wants someone looking at their near naked body and no one wants to increase their risk to skin cancer.

And on this biggest day in air travel, November 24th, 2010, people are taking a stand. Multiple websites are promoting what they call "National Opt Out Day", where travelers take a stand at the airports, opting out of the body scanners.

How can you, as a passenger, opt out of a full-body scan? If your airport does have "advanced imaging technology", you'll need to tell TSA officials that you don't want it. Simply explain that you'd like to "opt out" of the screening while you're in the security line. Be aware, however, that just because you opt out of the total body scan, this does not mean you won't be screened. Instead of the body scan, you'll likely be given a full-body pat down by a TSA worker - this process could be "time-consuming."

Sites to check out for more information:
* TSA site

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